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Automated demand response by redispatching electricity consumption or production in response to spot market prices.

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Extract the full value of flexibility

Demand response represents a great opportunity for increasing profitability in the industrial sector. However, maximizing profits of flexible assets is challenging. Senfal’s FlexMonetizer helps customers to optimize demand response revenues.

Senfal’s automated demand response solution works with smart algorithms. Assets and their flexibility are matched with the most profitable markets and can be dispatched automatically. The FlexMonetizer enables our customers to extract the full value of the available flexibility 24/7.

No disruption of primary process

Variable level of automation

Full European power markets access

Optimize your flexibility with Senfal’s FlexMonetizer

Here’s why you choose Senfal.

No disruption of primary processes

Our prime concern is our customers’ business operation. We implement fail-safe measures to make sure it keeps running smoothly.

Variable level of automation

The level of automation can be adjusted from advice only to full remote control, which can always be overruled by the operator.

Full European power markets access

Senfal can interface with any energy supplier and enables automatic trading on all European power markets.

FlexMonetizer- Automated demand response spot market
Senfal’s technology explained

Scheduling the perfect on/off moments

Our customers’ asset control systems are interfaced with Senfal’s cloud-based software. After establishing a connection, we monitor the available flexibility and train our algorithms.

Power consumption or production is optimized by scheduling the perfect on / off moments based on forecasts on price and asset behavior. The FlexMonetizer operates on multiple markets to generate maximum revenue.

FlexMonetizer Modules

To meet the specific needs of our customers, we offer market specific modules. All modules are applicable for the ‘Energie-investeringsaftrek’ (EIA).


Scheduling power consumption based on prices on the day-ahead market.


Scheduling power consumption based on prices on the intraday market.


Creating imbalance to deviate from the procurement schedule at moments of extreme prices.



24/7 short term trading optimization

Maximum revenues by automated trading on power markets.

Scalable to multiple sites

Once connected, it is easy to add assets to Senfal’s platform.

Optional peak shaving

Reducing electricity demand from the grid during peak hours.

Machine learning algorithms

The software is a self-learning system that constantly improves.

Cloud based software

Control systems only have to be connected to the cloud.

24/7 personal dashboard

Real-time insights in the demand response performance of assets.

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