The most beneficial PPA on the Market

You want to be guaranteed of the best price for your wind. You want certainty and a high yield. You want the best for your wind park. As an experienced software company in the energy sector, Senfal offers no ordinary PPA, but one that is fully automated and therefore a lot more beneficial.

  • The best price for your wind

  • Tailor-made solution

  • Next-gen AI trading technology

A tailor-made solution for every wind farm

Each wind farm faces specific challenges. Our team has the expertise to help you make the right choice. This gives you the opportunity to receive trade profits, guaranteed SDE revenues, or even a fixed price. Or of course a combination as wished. With a PPA from Senfal you turn your wind into a future-proof profitable investment.

“We like the way Senfal looks at the market: innovative and independent of conventions. Senfal creates a bright future.”

Directeur Anode Energie: Erik van Teeffelen

E. van Teeffelen
Director @ Anode Energie

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Case: Senfal delivers FCR with wind

State of the art AI for the best Price

You are assured of the best price on the energy market. Senfal has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading robots that automate and optimize your electricity procurement. In addition, Senfal uses the most accurate and best-proven algorithms for your curtailment. Creating a regular PPA at the front with a fully technological advanced back-end.

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Business analyst/Co-founder Hubert Spruijt

Hubert Spruijt
Energy Expert @Senfal

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