Senfal boosts power revenues of Hezelaer

Energy supplier Hezelaer has agreed with Senfal to optimize power trading.

How imbalance prices affect trading

Production schedules, imbalance prices and trading. They're all connected.

Curtailment Blog

This may sound strange, but sometimes one can earn money by shutting off wind turbines.

Sustainable Heat feasibility research

As part of the MIT-feasibility project Senfal developed the optimization of a heat pump.

Senfal's Impact on the Energy Transition

How does Senfal impact the energy transition today? Read all about it in the blog.

Business Opportunities in Electric Vehicles

The increase in EV's contributes to the energy transition. And creates new business opportunities.

Optimizing Energy Usage through Demand Response

At Senfal we forecast and optimize energy consumption in order to manage the energy bill, based on the principle of demand response.

The Energy Markets Explained: The Day-Ahead

In these blogs we explain the various energy markets. We start with an explanation of the day-ahead APX/ENDEX.

The Sustainable Energy Network of the Future

We identified three sustainable energy assets and how they can contribute to a future with 100% renewables.
blockchain tennet

Upcoming: Blockchain for Energy Transactions

Blockchain is a way of payments exchanged digitally. The technology behind bitcoin, and now also appearing within the energy sector.

What is Frequency Containment Reserve?

How does the energy system works? And what has it got to do with FCR?