Senfal boosts power revenues of Hezelaer

Energy supplier Hezelaer has agreed with Senfal to optimize power trading.

Senfal acquired by Swedish Vattenfall

Partnering with Vattenfall provides new opportunities, while staying independent.

How imbalance prices affect trading

Production schedules, imbalance prices and trading. They're all connected.

Invest in our services, now more beneficial than ever!

Since 2019 Senfal's software is added to the EIA list.

Expansion MT: interview CCO / CFO Rafael Koene

Read more about Senfal's newest addition.

Curtailment Blog

This may sound strange, but sometimes one can earn money by shutting off wind turbines.

Senfal makes FCR possible

Technical solutions were discovered for the challenging case of delivering FCR with Wind.

Sustainable Heat feasibility research

As part of the MIT-feasibility project Senfal developed the optimization of a heat pump.