Smart Software for Optimal Use of Energy Markets

Senfal is a technology company that uses Artificial Intelligence to align energy use and production with actual market prices. And, if needed, is able to combine it with demand response. Senfal develops flexibility services for wind farms and industry.

To respond to the opportunities the energy markets offer, Senfal always offers a solution in line with your specific wishes. This way we make sure you will gain the most from your energy use or production.

  • Advanced AI Technology & Demand Response

  • Optimized Energy Strategy

  • Always a Tailor-made Solution

A Tailor-made Solution to suit your Energy Strategy

Every company has specific wishes to formulate the best energy strategy. The experienced experts of Senfal understand these wishes and will offer you a tailor-made solution according to them. Whether you wish to save on your energy use, use your flexibility or for instance want to use demand response. Senfal has the product for you.

“Senfal is the ideal partner for Port of Amsterdam because they can quickly switch and have a proven proposition.”

Projectleider New Business Havenbedrijf Amsterdam: Robin Schipper

R. Schipper
Projectleader New Business @ Port of Amsterdam

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