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Independent corporate PPA with automatic trading of renewable energy on the European markets for corporates and wind farms.

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Facilitating a complete corporate PPA

Buying electricity directly from a wind farm via a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement is an attractive solution to hedge long-term power price risks and fulfill sustainability commitments.

Such an agreement often requires an independent party that acts as energy supplier, optimizing energy portfolios and providing administrative services. Senfal can fulfill this role, applying automated solutions to minimize overhead costs for the customers.

Full service package

Optimal revenues

Independent middleman

Matching renewables with corporates to achieve the best result

Here’s why you choose Senfal.

Full service package

Senfal’s services facilitate the whole Corporate PPA process, including market access, forecasting and billing.

Optimal revenues

Trading optimization on the intraday and day-ahead markets in addition to curtailment, guarantee maximum trading results.


Senfal acts as a neutral facilitator. This ensures the best deal possible for both energy producer and corporate(s).

Senfal’s technology explained

Trading optimizer & PPA service provider

How a corporate PPA with automatic trading is structured, depends on the wishes of each participant. Senfal can advise on the best structure and provide contracts, making sure direct supply of power and guarantees of origin are secured.

Senfal’s expertise as a 24/7 trading optimizer and PPA service provider makes us the ideal intermediary between renewable producer and corporate entity (or group of entities). The automated power trading software mitigates financial risks associated with intermittent supply and imbalance cost.

CorporatePPA Modules

To meet the specific needs of our customers, we offer market specific modules. All modules are applicable for the ‘Energie-investeringsaftrek’ (EIA).


Scheduling power consumption based on prices on the day-ahead market.


Scheduling power consumption based on prices on the intraday market.


Creating imbalance to deviate from the procurement schedule at moments of extreme prices.



24/7 short term trading optimisation

Maximum revenues by automated trading on power markets.

Contract support

Experienced assistance for preparing a variety of contracts.

Market access provider

Access to the European power markets is facilitated.

Machine learning algorithms

The software is a self-learning system that constantly improves.

Cloud-based software

Control systems only have to be connected to the cloud.

24/7 personal dashboard

Real-time insights in demand and supply and trading results.

Paul Durieux

Manager Sales

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We design individual solutions based on our customers’ needs. Get in touch with Paul Durieux to find out what we can do for you.


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