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Help us break down coal fired power plants

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About us

Senfal is a young and rapidly growing software company within the energy sector. Our goal is to become successful in making the world a more sustainable place as soon as possible. For that, we need the best people there are, so, opinion-havers, status-quo challengers, industry-shapers and explorers: we want you!

Senfal is a team of highly trained people with a passion for the role of software and AI in the energy transition. We love what we do and work hard for the best result possible. We are an inclusive employer and work hard to make sure everyone feels supported and connected. We enjoy our lunch together, organise a lot of team events we celebrate our successes together.


Optimists who love to work together

At Senfal we work in smart, agile teams that can do anything. For us, s uccessful teams are the ones in which all colleagues are extraordinary at what they do, while being highly effective collaborators at the same time. Our version of a great workplace is a team in pursuit of ambitious common goals, where you learn the most, perform your best work, improve the fastest, and have the most fun.

“What I like about working at Senfal is that I can put my talents to work, that there is very little overhead, and people are collaborating on a single task together.”

Derek de Rie
Derek de Rie

“Senfal encourages you to be at your best and they do that by giving you the space to learn, express and develop yourself.”

Carola Rijneveld
Carola Rijneveld
Our Culture & Values

Work hard & play hard!

Senfal is a flat organisation in a modern, fast-paced work environment. Our staff is international and competitive. We work hard but also believe in a healthy work-life balance. Flexible working hours are part of our approach to create a place that brings out the best in us.

While we are all about pushing yourself to be the best you can be, we also believe that we will get the best results by working together. That’s why we foster collaboration, embrace a diversity of viewpoints and support information sharing.

We are problem-solvers. We like to talk, brainstorm, and work together to surpass obstacles. Within Senfal, people are supportive of each other. Our teams are a mix of starters and experienced people and we treat each other with respect and acknowledge the contributions people make, both large and small. We celebrate successes together (yes, we eat a lot of pie ) and we’re all about having fun! That’s why we have a Summer party, Christmas party, after-work drinks, game evenings, dinner parties, pub quizzes, you name it!

Be transparant

Open and honest communication
Work together to create success
Keep your promises
Listen and understand

Be bold

Challenge the status quo
Seize opportunities
Show initiative
Continue to innovate

Be passionate

About the world, your work and others
Work hard, play hard
Always be on top of your game
To make a difference

Perks & benefits

We are a flexible workplace that always strives to accommodate our employees and their work-/life balance. Although we work hard, we also make a point of celebrating our accomplishments. Some of the benefits we offer include:

Breakfast, lunch and snacks

Flexible working hours

Learning and development opportunities

Friday after-work drinks

Lots of team activities

Travel compensation incl. a bicycle for A'dam use

Carola Rijneveld

HR Manager

Get in touch

For all your question concerning HR you can contact our HR manager Carola Rijneveld.

Our hiring process

How we hire



You read the ad and it piques your interest. You tell us you are interested (apply, email, shout, call).



Depending on the role, we might send you a link so you can show us your skills (coding challenge).



We invite you for a face to face (or a skype) interview to assess the cultural, motivational and job fit.


(Work along)

For specific roles, we invite you for a work-along day where you also meet your future team.



Because you made a great impression we’ll make you a detailed offer which can be signed.



Congratiolations, you made it! You can start your career at Senfal and become full member of the team!

Our current vacancies

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