Business Opportunities in Electric Vehicles

The increase in EV's contributes to the energy transition. And creates new business opportunities.

Nieuwe Business-modellen bij Dynamische Flexibiliteit

Nieuwe Business-modellen bij Dynamische Flexibiliteit Eerste…
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The Innocence of Energy Data

Energy data seems safe from hackers. But the grid is becoming smarter day by day. What does that mean?
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Optimizing Energy Usage through Demand Response

We forecast and optimize energy consumption to manage the energy bill, based on demand response.

The Energy Markets Explained: the Day-Ahead

In these blogs we explain the various energy markets. We start with the day-ahead APX/ENDEX.
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Vehicle to Grid Conference

Senfal is giving a pitch at the Vehicle to Grid Conference on our project with Electric Vehicles. And how they help towards a sustainable future.
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Upcoming: Blockchain for Energy Transactions

Blockchain is a way of payments exchanged digitally. The technology behind bitcoin, and now also appearing within the energy sector.
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What is Frequency Containment Reserve?

How does the energy system works? And how is it related to Frequency containment reserve? Read it in our English blog.

Wat is de waarde van flexibiliteit?

Flexibiliteit heeft een bepaalde waarde op de energiemarkten. Wat is deze waarde en hoe werkt het in je voordeel? Senfal legt het uit.

Wat is flexibiliteit? Senfal legt het uit

Senfal zorgt er dan voor dat het energieverbruik van onze klanten zo wordt verschoven dat je energie verbruikt als de zon schijnt, of de wind waait.