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Optimization of a third party PPA by completely automated curtailment of wind farms.

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AI technology for accurate predictions

Curtailment of wind farms provides an opportunity to increase revenues significantly. Adjusting the power output of wind turbines based on negative imbalance prices gives our customers the opportunity to extract the full value of renewable assets.

Predicting the best moments for curtailment and responding quickly is difficult. The AutoCurtailer uses AI technology to predict negative prices very accurately and automatically curtails wind farms, improving revenues with minimal effort.

Best in class performance

Compatible with all energy suppliers

Compensation for curtailed production

Optimize your assets with
cloud-based curtailment

Here’s why you choose Senfal.

Best in class performance

Market research shows that Senfal deploys the most accurate and fast responding curtailment algorithms.

Compatible with all energy suppliers

As an independent service provider, Senfal cooperates with any turbine manufacturer and energy supplier.

Compensation for curtailed production

Ramping down wind turbines decreases total production, yet increases income.

Senfal’s technology explained

Automatically adjusting the power output

Automated curtailment of wind farms, how does it work? Senfal is able to remotely curtail output of modern wind farms. After a wind farm is interfaced with Senfal’s cloud based software, we monitor its behavior and run simulations.

The asset is coupled to Senfal’s AutoCurtailer which monitors the imbalance deltas published by the transmission system operator. Our algorithms identify negative price peaks and the software automatically decreases asset power output. As soon as the negative price peak is over, power output is restored.

AutoCurtailer Module

Operating on multiple markets to generate maximum revenue. Customers’ asset control systems are interfaced with our cloud based software. The modules is applicable for the ‘Energie-investeringsaftrek’ (EIA).


Creating imbalance to deviate from the procurement schedule at moments of extreme imbalance prices.



Machine learning algorithms

The software is a self-learning system that constantly improves.

Adjustable strike price

The curtailment threshold is set based on customer preferences.

Imbalance control

Algorithms identify negative price peaks and decrease asset output.

24/7 full automatic control

Demand response software controls assets automatically.

Emergency stop

An incorporated safety measure to manually stop curtailment.

24/7 personal dashboard

Real-time insights in the performance of curtailment.

Paul Durieux

Manager Sales

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