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Senfal becomes Vattenfall Flexibility Services

“Today is a special day. For Senfal, for Vattenfall and also for myself, being the new business owner of Vattenfall Flexibility Services. Why special? Because today, one year after the acquisition of the promising start-up Senfal we decided to continue together under one name: Vattenfall Flexibility Services.”

Bart de Vries
Business Owner Vattenfall Flexibility Services

As business owner I have the honour to lead the further commercial success of our flexibility services, together with Steven Reiz, who as the Product Owner will be responsible for actual development of our impressive product range in the flex markets.

Succesful transition

Since it was established five years ago, Senfal has been committed to using smart software to make the most of flexibility in electricity consumption (e.g. demand response) or production (e.g. curtailment of a wind turbine). If you take for instance a business process, then Vattenfal’s supply and demand software automatically increases or decreases the power consumption in response to high or low prices on the energy markets. The smart algorithm then controls the production schedules and automatically adjusts them to the customer’s wishes. As a result, the supply of energy is handled efficiently and customers can benefit significantly financially. Typical customer segments on which we focus include industry, renewable asset owners, horticulture, battery operators and e-mobility.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Sander ten Kate, who has done an outstanding job in bringing Senfal where it is today. He also created a very talented and close-knit team of professionals in the flexibility markets. We intent to further build on his achievements with the team and in the next few months Sander and me will be closely working together to hand over the business in a smooth way. I’m happy with Sander’s continued support and drive to make this transition successful.

Flexibility plays a crucial role

I’m really proud to work for Vattenfall. One of the reasons is that we have a very strong and clear mission to enable fossil-free living within one generation. I think that unlocking flexibility plays a crucial role in balancing the energy system. As such it can also play a vital role in our mission. Next to building one of the biggest EV networks in Europe, closing our last coal plant in the Netherlands, constructing the biggest offshore windfarm without subsidy in the world, flex services are another great example of how Vattenfall does not only talk the talk, but also walks the walk.

Get in touch

In addition to increasing our technical and financial possibilities, this step also enables us to offer a more extensive product range internationally. Next to the German market, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the United Kingdom are in scope.

In short we will be able to create more value for a larger group of customers. Not only our current customer portfolio can benefit from our smart software algorithms; we are also looking for new customers. So please get in touch if you want to know more about your possibilities in flex!

Bart de Vries – Business Owner Vattenfall Flexibility Services