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Senfal starts with cable pooling in Nijmegen

“Energy landscape ‘De Grift’ will be the largest cable pooling project of the Netherlands”.

Senfal wins the innovation subsidy to develop the new energy landscape De Grift.


Together with the consortium of Stichting Wiek-II, Windpark Nijmegen-Betuwe, ZOWN Hogeschool van Arnhem Nijmegen, Senfal is selected for the innovation subsidy of Hernieuwbare Energie Regeling (HER). Senfal is the first to combine wind, solar and a battery on one single cable. Energie landschap De Grift will be the largest cable pooling project of the Netherlands. This technology is a step forward because congestion issues can be prevented and therefore renewables generation will require less cables. Senfal will optimise and steer all decentral assets on multiple markets to ensure the highest revenues.

If you want to know more please read the following article (in Dutch).