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Senfal boosts power revenues of Hezelaer

Energy supplier Hezelaer has concluded an agreement with Senfal to optimize power trading from wind and solar farms. This will substantially increase the income per MWh. 

Together for the best result

The start of this collaboration gives Hezelaer the opportunity to offer even more competitive PPA-proposals. Profit maximization from renewable energy is a complex process and requires extended knowledge of the energy markets. Senfal’s Robotic Power Trading®ensures power being traded fully automatically on various energy markets, achieving the best results.

Optimizing electricity sales

Senfal optimizes Hezelaer’s electricity sale by reducing imbalance costs through smart automatic trading on the intraday market. Imbalance costs are caused by a mismatch between day-ahead forecasts and the actual production of a wind farm. Senfal’s software selects the best trades on the European intraday market, leading to a better return.

A big step

With Robotic Power Trading® for wind and solar farms, Hezelaer and Senfal take an important step in improving the business case of wind and solar energy. 

On Hezelaer

Hezelaer is an energy supplier for the corporate market. Hezelaer is focused on topics of energy use and efficiency, energy analytics and monitoring. 

On Senfal  

Senfal offers Energy Trading Services to large industrials, wind and solar farms and battery owners (e.g. EV fleet managers), saving energy costs and maximizing profits from trading on energy markets.