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Invest in our services, now more beneficial than ever!

“It is now possible to invest in Senfal’s software under favorable tax conditions.”

Since the start of 2019 it is even more beneficial to use Senfal’s software than before. Senfal’s Power Trading Services® maximize the profits of your power trades, and on top of that it is possible to receive an additional subsidy.

This two-fold benefit results from Senfal software being added to the list of sustainable technologies that are subsidized by the Dutch Government to accelerate the energy transition. 

Subsidy for investments in renewable energy

The Dutch government provides companies with the option to apply for a subsidy for investing in technologies for energy-efficiency and sustainable energy in general: the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA). Every year the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)publishes the EIA list, which describes all the relevant and approved technologies which companies can request the EIA for. 

A win-win situation

From the start of this year, the RVO also supports investments in ‘flexible systems that balance the grid’. They too see the necessity of these systems which can transform the power grid into a grid which is renewable energy proof. This means it is now possible to invest in Senfal’s software under favorable tax conditions. Creating a win-win situation: maximizing your profits trading on the energy markets with Senfal and benefit from the EIA subsidies.