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Senfal enters NWEA, the wind sector organization

Senfal joins the NWEA, the Dutch Wind Energy Association. A smart move to cooperate with likeminded organizations. Senfal has become part of the wind sector association, which has members like Eneco, Engie, GE, Lagerwey, Vestas, Shell, Rabobank, Fortis Wind.

As an innovative party, Senfal is focussed on realizing higher returns from wind farms than usual. The innovative part of Senfal’s contribution to the market is based on smart and completely automated energy trading software for wind energy. Senfal uses the newest technologies to turn the flexibility of wind farms into euros and thus smartly align supply and demand on the electricity network. This allows for the acceleration of the energy transition, a long and complex process that takes huge amounts of work. It’s time that people acknowledge that, to realize the goals from the Paris Agreement and the Climate Agreement, we must allow for more innovations on the grid. This is the reason why Senfal joined NWEA. The organizations that are part of NWEA have exceptional knowledge and insights. NWEA forms a unique network of like-minded people that work hard to provide for a sustainable future. Senfal stands for handling energy smartly, in order to facilitate a 100% sustainable and clean future.