Since the start of Senfal we work agile and recently we implemented this through the scrum method. Being a start-up, we need to be flexible and to prove that we have the right to exist. Over and over again.

Today, we want to take the next step in this process by finding a balance between structure and agility. In our daily work, we constantly look for opportunities and when we find them, we work towards the appropriate goals. This means we have to be flexible and agile. However, having a structure and a focus on a future goal to work towards are important to our clients and our employees. It helps them to become more focused and work efficiently towards those goals. This balancing between working towards a goal, while at the same time not losing sight of the road leading towards it, is a process we need to do at Senfal. To be more precise, this is something Senfal’s Product Owners work on.

Team Spirit

As a Product Owner, you envision the progress of the work of the development team, with a focus on cooperation and team spirit. You are the one in contact with the client, negotiating between the agile working method and creating transparency concerning the development of the product. You might have noticed that these are all process and project management skills. If we listen to one of our current Product Owners, Steven Reiz, however, he tells us that what he likes most about his job is the content. A Product Owner works on content by applying a method which is in the nature of Senfal: Rappo Klappo, digging deep into the content of your work as a Beautiful Nerd and keeping in mind that the work is something you can Make Your Mother Proud with.

The process is closely linked to the content, which the Product Owner will be both structuring and optimizing. It is also the Product Owner’s task to understand both the business as the technical side of the project. He needs to talk to a lot of people, including the development team, the sales colleagues and the stakeholders. Senfal’s Product Owner always knows what we’re working on, which possibilities our products offer and maybe most important, he knows the needs of our employees and clients and makes sure they are taken care of.

Do you want to be a Product Owner?

As you can imagine, the Product Owner is very important to the team. Without wanting to make it sound like a tough job, you can compare the goal of a Product Owner with the goal of Senfal, with a nice green mission in it: working on making the energy transition happen.

Does the work of a Product Owner sound exciting to you? It may seem like a tough job (and it is), so we’ve created openings to learn exactly how to do this from the ground level. Are you eager to learn more about how we fulfill our mission? Do you want to work with our team on this beautiful mission and do you share our core values? Then you are in the right place, because we’re looking for an amazing student to help our other Product Owners in doing this amazing job!

Check the vacancy here. Do you also need to do research? Even better, because we love using theories and new ideas to improve our day-to-day work.


Vacancy Intern Product Owner