As of September our team includes two new members: Business Analyst Hilko (right) and IT Security Intern René (left) have joined our ranks. In this blog post they introduce themselves and tell about their first weeks at Senfal!

Business Analyst Hilko

Hilko started working for Senfal as a Business Analyst in September. He finished his studies in Energy Science, with many relevant topics about generation, transportation and consumption of energy. His thesis examined the current and future demand for electricity. After graduation he started working as a consultant for a company that promotes sustainability in the built environment.

Hilko: “When I heard Senfal was looking for a business analyst, I immediately checked out the vacancy. Senfal seemed like a young, dynamic and informal company, that is pioneering with different types of clients. To me, it seemed like a very interesting challenge and a job where I can learn a lot.”

Besides the day-to-day tasks of the job, Hilko already experiences differences between Senfal and his former organization. “Most of my expectations seem to be met. I’m reading a lot about the electricity market and I’m working on a tender for automated sale of wind energy. Some really nice projects are coming up and the people I work with are very motivated. I definitely experience Senfal as a small company, without the corporate procedures. If Senfal keeps growing at this rate, they will be needed at some point in the future, I suppose. And if I need something, it is really easy to get in touch with the responsible person to fix it quickly. Finally, the lunch at Senfal is great.”

IT Security Intern René

René started his IT Security internship at Senfal in September. He was born in the east of the country, but moved to Amsterdam in order to do this internship. He also dabbled in programming, but his main interest lies with the security of systems. René: “I started programming, but then I discovered that I found IT security, the implementation of controls and doing (technical) security assessments much more interesting. Currently I’m studying System Administration and specializing in IT security. I plan to use my knowledge of programming later, to test the security of software and systems. What I have to do in this internship is exactly what I want to learn, and it helps me to grow within the IT security field. We designed this internship based on Senfal’s needs and my personal learning goals.”

René is also really enthusiastic about Senfal as a company: “I expected Senfal to be more formal, but actually the culture is really open and the style of communication is really refreshing. I also really like that Steven, my internship supervisor, is CISSP-certified, a certification I also aim to get in the future. This internship gets me excited every morning and I am also really happy with the work I am doing. I tell my friends and family that it doesn’t feel like work, it is just something I really like to do.”


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