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Senfal acquired by Swedish Vattenfall

Last month Senfal received 1.1 million euros in growth capital. Senfal will use this to add new flexibility services and to scale up in Europe. Senfal is already active in flexibility services in the Netherlands, but aims to add even more assets, and to upscale it in Europe. With this capital injection Senfal is able to finance these ambitions.

Lead investor Nuhma

Lead investor of this second round is Nuhma. Nuhma, known as the ‘Limburg climate company’, is a Belgian investor and works on behalf of the Limburger municipalities on sustainability, energy and innovation. Nuhma’s investments align well with Senfal’s strategic vision to expand internationally. They have a lot of knowledge on the Belgian market and expertise on the energy market in general.

Flexibility services with a focus on primary control reserve

Senfal is one of the largest Dutch aggregators specialised in intraday demand response and ancillary services. Senfal develops software to connect energy use with fluctuating energy prices. By forecasting the energy demand and markets, and automatically controlling asset loads, Senfal helps companies to increase revenues and save on their energy bill. This year Senfal has expanded the activities adding new flexibility services, with a strong focus on delivering primary control reserve. Senfal has the ambition to make multiple complex energy markets accessible to energy suppliers or users with limited power. By aggregating assets, we enable access to ancillary markets for small assets as well. Currently Senfal delivers these services in the Netherlands to the European transmission system operator TenneT (TSO). 

Primary control reserve: how does it work?

The frequency on the electrical grid has to be maintained around 50 Hertz. Deviations have to be balanced by altering demand and supply. The TSO balances the grid by acquiring primary, secondary and tertiary reserve. Primary reserve is power reserved for very quick and accurate reactions to frequency deviations. Only assets that are able to meet the TSO’s strict requirements, are allowed to deliver this service. Senfal bundles, or aggregates, distributed resources (e.g. home batteries), for providing this service.

Senfal’s Ambition

Senfal’s technology allows smaller assets to take part in ancillary reserve markets. This has a positive impact on the business case for wind, batteries and electric vehicles. Senfal aims to further develop its core technology and grow its activities into other European markets. The investment will enable Senfal to realise its growth ambitions.